Revamp your cleaning routine. Sparkle like a dragon adorned in sparkling glitter and sequins, if you want to.

Little Dragon Soaps offers premium artisan handmade bars of soap, lotion, bath bombs, shower steamers and supplies for Soap and Candle Making. Whether you are looking to dive into some DIY soap making, candle making, or are looking for a luxurious artisan soap, you have found the place. Take a look around, and Shop our Collection of Soap, Bath Products, and Supplies.

Find many types of bar soap and more at Little Dragon Soaps in Peoria, Az

9976 N 91st Ave Ste 107, Peoria, Arizona 85345

Bath bombs and soaps on display at little dragon soaps
Inside Little Dragon Soaps

At Little Dragon Soaps we hand craft soap made with high quality ingredients to produce the best hand and body soaps that lather well, leave your skin feel clean and soft. You can find a wide variety of soaps online and in store.

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Why choose Little Dragon Soaps?

Natural and Organic Ingredients

When the little dragons make our soaps, we use naturally derived ingredients such as oils of olive, coconut, palm (RSPO), avocado, safflower, sunflower

No Animal Testing

Little Dragon Soaps does not support, partake in, nor endorse any animal testing for our soaps or any of our products..

Responsible Buying

Sourcing the highest quality ingredients, ethically, and sustainable.


Do you know what is in your soap? Most soaps are not even soap, they are chemical detergents including parabens, petrochemicals, triclosan, phosphorus… Our soap is made out of ingredients that we can explain – olive oil, palm (RSPO), Coconut oil avocado oils, safflower, sunflower, jojoba, tallows (ingredients vary in different batches) oil and of course sodium hydroxide – as that is what makes soap – soap.

Crafted in the USA

Local manufacturing for most of our handmade products, many of which are made right in the store you shop from.

Treat Yourself

At little dragon soaps we make our soap to be a great skin cleanser. Our soaps are great for use on your whole body; however, some may prefer soaps with various herbal, essential, and grit forming additives. Grit filled soaps and Loofah soaps great for those thicker skin areas, and smooth soap for the soft areas. You’ll find the soaps to be skin nourishing and deliciously smelling. Great gifts for loved ones, beautiful soaps to look at, and amazing on your skin.