The Itch Free Lotion Bar is the perfect solution for moisturizing your skin while at the same time helping to relieve skin irritation and itchiness. It contains beneficial ingredients like peppermint oil, tea tree oil, and lavender oil which all have natural anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce any itching or redness. The lotion bar is easy to apply directly to the affected area, and its natural scent will help soothe your skin.

Peppermint oil helps provide instant relief from itchy skin due to its cooling effect which reduces inflammation caused by itchiness. It also helps promote circulation in the affected area, allowing blood and nutrients to reach the irritated area faster. Tea tree oil has strong antiseptic properties which can help kill germs associated with skin infections and irritations. Lavender oil is known for its calming smell as well as its ability to reduce inflammation and swelling from bug bites and other irritants.

Itch Free Lotion Bar is ideal for those who have sensitive or easily irritated skin; it can be used on a daily basis without fear of any adverse reactions. This lotion bar is gentle on the skin and provides a safe alternative to pharmaceutical products for skin itch relief from bug bites. To use this lotion bar simply rub the lotion bar on your skin, the lotion will slightly melt into your skin as you rub in a circular motion. Reapply as needed.

Whether you're looking for a way to naturally fight back against annoying itchiness or just want to keep your family's sensitive skin healthy, Itch Free Lotion Bar has you covered! With its combination of natural ingredients and powerful healing properties, this lotion bar is sure to give your skin the soothing relief it needs without putting any harsh chemicals into your body.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax, Vit E Oil & Fragrance.

Apply like hand and body lotion.

Do not use water.

Made in Tucson Az.


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